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LOTS Corporation "Tac Med Operator® Project" introduced its new CASEVAC Tactical Combat Casualty Care orthopedic splint in December of 2006.


LOTS Corporation became associated with Ryan McDowell, an 18D Special Forces practicing operator from the Tac Med Corporation of Arizona in 2006. Ryan was familiar with LOTS® Level-One Trauma Splint and wanted to make its unique medically advanced capabilities available to SOCOM 18D medical operators.


Ryan worked with the LOTS Corporation to define necessary changes to LOTS® Trauma Splints to make its multi-use capabilities up for the task in global hot zones. LOTS® original design and function was so fundamentally altered a new utility patent was issued… resulting in a mission capable appendicular immobilization system for the 18D toolbox.


To honor Ryan’s Special Forces commitment to Service and Country, LOTS chose to incorporate the use of Ryan’s "Tac Med" corporate name as a registered trademark for new CASEVAC Tactical Combat Casualty Care splinting system. Ryan recognized early on the need for a mission ready, contingency adaptable splinting system for use in austere environments.

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