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An orthopedic quick splint stabilization device that provides for external pelvic ring integrity using a circumferential enveloping framesheet with midline applied single-point bilateral retractable closure system, applied by one person that...


is the initial stabilization of choice for immediate management of pelvic ring injuries. Used acutely in management of exsanguinating pelvic trauma, when pelvic injury is suspected from mechanism of injury, much the same as a cervical collar is used to protect cervical spine from further injury prior to definitive identification and care.

• tamponades venous and bone end hemorrhage

• provides external pelvic ring integrity

• stabilizes movement mitigating pain

• provides for anterior surgical and cath access

• overcomes lateral unstable pelvic gravity effects

• provides uniform circumferential closure


Hemorrhage Control & Pelvic Ring Instability

Extremity Binding & Stabilization


* Hemodynamically unstable with a mechanically unstable pelvis.

* Hemodynamically unstable with a suspected pelvic fracture.


Explosive Blast

Penetrating Trauma


Fall Impact

Blunt Trauma


* Hemodynamically normal with unstable pelvic fractures, for

   pain control and reducing movement during transfers.

* Hemodynamically normal with hip fracture to overcome gravity

   effects on lateral hip aspects.

* Stabilize pelvis on long-board/SKED® by impeding axial and

   lateral movement.

* Bind lower extremities together or upper to torso/stabilize 

   large truncal/proximal amputation dressings with optional

   trauma PSDnet attachment.

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